Bernadette Peters Does Her Taxes

Cole Escola cracks me up.



Sea Lion pups roll in sand to protect themselves from the sun 


Here we have the fictional persecution of the cis privileged set against the backdrop of the actual, lived reality of oppression and violence as it is experienced by trans women (of color).

Trans people, especially trans women of color, do not have the institutional power to deny cis people access to resources like housing, jobs, health care, public accommodations, education, social services, or general physical safety and mental wellbeing. Cis people are not at risk of unprovoked harassment, malice, or violence from trans women of color, or other trans people.

Yet these are all issues that many trans women of color and poor trans women generally experience everyday from cis people as a collective, if not individually. Yet we see that many of those with cis privilege are quick to complain when trans people and their allies speak out against this violence and oppression. This only proves that many of those with cis privilege are invested in and committed to defending their stake in the continued systematic enforcement of their privilege over trans women of color by use of violence and oppression.

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Sacred oracle by Kumaneko :-) 

My throat always feels so sore after all the hideous demonic grunting noises I make during my workout. 

Millennial Problems: Wanting to post dirty pics of yourself online, but knowing some crotchety old person will deny you a job for it if they were ever found. 


cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

Last nap in my Atlanta studio before we head to Nashville tomorrow! 😴


"And the peaches and the mangos you can sell for me"

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